“Equestrianisms”- Life Lessons From A Passion For Horses

“Equestrianisms”- Life Lessons From A Passion For Horses

I have always lived with the unvoiced opinion that when life gets bumpy you start posting. Now for anyone who’s not a horse person this may be confusing… but to all the equestrians and horse lovers abound we know it’s the truth. That’s the best part of horses- while they’re giving you joy and sanity they are also teaching you about life.
No one truly likes to sit the trot, ride out the bumpiness, when we all know if we just rise on the 2nd beat it makes things easier. Well I find that’s how life goes too- much easier to make it through the bumps when you get relief in between and on the second beat. This relief in everyday life usually comes from friends, laughter, your family or a stranger buying you coffee perhaps. It doesn’t matter where the posting comes in just that it gives a reprieve from the hammering of life on your body.
It’s having that partner to do the dishes while you just sit for a minute or someone to hold the baby so you can enjoy your coffee without trying to pull a circus stunt and drink your coffee three feet to your left while still holding a grabby infant.
It just makes sense … when life gets bumpy we start posting.

Horse metaphors are my favourite in the world- just ask my previous staff of all the conversations, emails and text messages about this very same topic. It’s my quest to collect all the dorky and so true equestrianisms.

It’s like working in the round pen with a new horse and then when you step out of the round pen and into regular day interactions you spend a lot of time talking yourself out of round penning the snotty teenager talking s*** to his buddies about the girl he is taking out Friday night. The horse person in you just can’t stand the disrespect emanating off them. It’s the life skills that transfer between the two I find.

Now that I’ve got myself riled up thinking of roundpenning some
Of the the youth, and some adults, I know I am going to leave you with a few of my favourite equine – human related life tips.

1.) Horses are just like toddlers. They will give it everything they got but you have to expect the language barrier to cause frustration and sometimes even melt downs. Speak their language to ease it.
2.) You can’t keep kicking your horse with spurs on and expect a quick answer after- eventually the horse will block you out. Speak softly and ask appropriately.
3.) Be tough but fair, that way the horse is never unsure and the direction can always be clear.

4.) Sometimes you get bucked off… You have to get back on and keep trying if you are going to get the partnership you want. (Suitable for life lessons and marriages I think)


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