Figuring Out the Balance of Mamahood and Equestrian Life One Step at a Time.

Equestrians are usually the ones who smell like sweat, oddly off due to the barns odour and who run on their own time. Now, this own time business isn’t even close to “farmer time”, it isn’t ten minutes tardy… it’s running in a couple hours late because you forgot there was life outside this giant, magnificent animal. It’s a hard obsession to explain to those who aren’t in on it all. So with all our smell and time issues it shouldn’t really be that hard to guess how hard it becomes for the average horse loving person when you become a mom. I know, combining TWO life consuming and altering ways of life- prepare for mayhem.


BUT for the equestrian mom this is where it all starts. I feel it’s where we all have to grow a little and realize while our equine children are important, someone can step in for us if needed while we grow a life inside of us and then nurture it as they grow. Am I saying it’s easy? No. Nor do I believe we need to do all the compromise, besides it took two to make this little bundle of joy, right?! Having your partner give you some horsey time is totally great, but sometimes it’s hard to grow into your new role as mama when you feel you’re losing such a big part of your identity pre- baby.

So, maybe I am the only one struggling with this all and you’ve officially wasted a good few Minutes with this equestrian loving, baby snuggling, crazed mama but I feel like there’s a number of others in my same boots. When it comes to the equestrian lifestyle and mama hood it takes adjustment for a while. It’s not like our social life that we’ve (unwittingly) let slowly become less exciting, it’s a solid piece of our foundation of who we are, both as an equestrian and a mom now. It can be hard to continually give ourselves on a daily basis to our amazing baby’s when we used to have all of it to give to our sanity in horses.

I am however still a devote believer that it is a lifestyle that can work for all involved- it does take some time to accept that maybe you need some time for life to settle and that maybe your competitive dreams need to take a little bit of a back seat to your family changing, but it doesn’t make you less of an equestrian. We get to inspire a new generation of equestrians from the womb!



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