Saying shove it to the conventional expectations of life.

Growing up pre-millennial stage- I feel, our generation was started on this fairy tale / teen drama based outlook on life. You know. Nice clothes, minimal life issues, always taking part in social moments; a life lone episode of  “FRIENDS”, that never ends. Then one day you realize, no one’s paying your rent- working at a coffee shop doesn’t pay enough to live – and that if you want something you better be working your butt off to get it.

In today’s world we struggle to even buy a house, because who has that extra 30,000 to put down on your new abode. So we rent,  we stay with roommates, family or travel to avoid the cost of a home base…but then we start to feel rootless and meandering.

SO… what if we say shove it to the conventional expectation of order of marriage, babies, aging, houses, and the general expectation of what adulthood has become?


I know I for one  have struggled with feeling ungrounded and even struggling saying shove it to convention by living full time in an RV, with a 6 month old baby and my partner (who I will marry after we’ve already had a child together, just to add to unconventional starts and life) and a beagle and a labradoodle-DEFINITELY not on the conventional side- for the last 5 months while Josh works.

But, you know what? We are still alive, we are happy, healthy and have a roof over our heads (it can just go wherever we want it to!). This push for the everyday – conventional life- is something I have tried  to make my life fit for a long time, but maybe I’ve been going about it all wrong. Perhaps I am supposed to have been living the unconventional life and saying shove it to the conventional all along?


– signed,

Searching the trails and trials of life, finding the feeling of home.


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