The feels of friendship…

Too many times as a new mom, and as an equestrian, do we find ourselves giving up socializing. As a new mom giving up socializing is for getting our little ones to nap or just relaxing ourselves and as an equestrian its usually for the hours with our equine partners practicing or grooming . Even as I type this I have a baby drifting in and out of naps and I’m planning my day between it all.

As I was home last week for the past 3 weeks I only saw my11046452_10152780850426616_3940720842794018148_n friends a couple times but when I did it was like a weight had been lifted for those short hours. The little one was still with us but the laughter and discussion was just what the Doctor ordered.  We discussed our funny stories of the weeks past, future plans and the day to day but just having that outlet was the best realization. We all need that outlet. We need that feeling.

The feels of friendship are so important to make time for in a time of our lives we so often don’t think past the next hour of feeding or naps but our mental health is so important. So take time for maintaining the friendships and doing what you love so you can still be a good mom just still keeping up your mental health too.


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