Living Smaller…Growing Bigger

Life takes you down interesting trails and sometimes even more interesting trials. We are living in a bit of upheaval here. We have given up our house to move to the NW Coast of BC for a job for my husband to be…

Relocation is nothing new for this wandering soul, but it is a new experience to have a little one and two dogs in tow in a town  where you can see the devastation of a previously poor economy. As money has slowly found its way back into the community you see the grab for it even more- mostly in housing. Some rentals are dank, dark and, dare I say it,  a bit scary to step foot in. Yet these places are still being priced at $1200 upwards! So, what is a family of three and two dogs to do? … We adapt. We form a plan that lets us preserve the family core while maybe taxing your patience.

We took our RV to the edge of the North American continent and here I sit writing a blog post for my own sanity while my baby swings in her swing and the dogs lounge in front of the electric fireplace. We are adapting. In honest truth the RV is nicer than most places we’ve viewed to rent and isn’t the worst place to land, but it does try you’re sense of success and the feeling of finding home.

So tips to survive living in an RV with a baby include:

  • Have a portable bassinet or crib that allows you to move baby from bedroom to living room
  • Keep baby items like stroller, baby swing or glider, carriers in the under storage of the unit to open more space for you in the trailer
  • Use the colorful play mats on the ground so the baby has a cushion (in our case it is laminate floors so we needed a barrier) and somewhere to safely play.
  • You need to downsize your toy collection but not eliminate it. Bring a variety of books and toys for your baby to look at
  • Layers are key as the Rvs can sometimes be chilly
  • Decorate for baby to be entertained
  • Continue with a general routine so your baby stays in tune to your days plan.
  • Have storage everywhere- keep diapers in a easy access container that’s not hidden away.
  • Get outside as much as possible- you and baby will appreciate it.

We will keep you posted on more tips as we move through this new trail in life.




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